I loved working with Katie. She really understood who I am and helped me to move forward to things I loved doing.
It takes a special ability to be able to zero in on other people’s dreams and goals and she’s got that ability big time!
Plus... she is fun. We laughed a lot.
— Karen K, NYC
Katie has a naturally uplifting personality which always makes me look forward to spending time with her. Most importantly for me, Katie is not judgemental when she listens. She has a natural ability to ask questions that help me really get to the heart of what I’m stressed/upset/confused about. She’s helped me deal with the stresses of relationships, both personally and professionally. She’s helped give me confidence during times of transition. Katie helps you become the person you want to become, even when you are having a hard time defining that for yourself! She can help you get there.
— Lauren M Sacramento, CA
Katie is one of those people you meet that leaves you thinking about something new or feeling excited about the future. She is a great listener and is highly perceptive when it comes to offering suggestions. She offers creative ideas that I’ve found eye-opening, simple and practical. We have worked on areas such as wife/mother balance, creating a positive self-image, and establishing obtainable and immediate life goals.
I’ve been stuck at many different times in my life and have been surprised to find myself, after every session, muttering, “Why haven’t I thought about that before”? It’s amazing to me, looking back at the process, how things begin to fall into place with a slightly different perspective. Katie is so tuned in to the needs and inspiration of the moment. I would recommend Katie to anyone looking to make a positive change through life coaching.
— Lisa T, Portsmouth NH
I couldn’t recommend Katie enough! From the start, I felt that Katie genuinely cared about my path in life and she provided great tools to help facilitate my goals. She provided encouragement and follow-through all along the way. Her energy, spirit, and skill-set make for an incredible coach in life!”
— Melissa H, NYC